Help with my tiny tanks game



I need help with my tiny tanks game. I need to point the arrow to your tank so I can make the game( needs to point at it even if you move ). I did some of it so it might be easier to do.The arrow will be the AI 's arrow to try to shoot it at you. I have published this about the tiny tanks on hopscotch and no one helped. Sadly​:cold_sweat:. But, now I'm on the forum so I can maybe finish the game because now people might help me. Here is the picture. And if someone could tell me how to give me the link I would be happy so I could use it in later posts. P.S. I just joined the forum.


I'm sorry I can't help with this, it looks like an amazing game, but here is a topic explaining how to post links :
Any of you guys know how to :

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@ThinBuffalo has made a simple "point to" project. It uses arctan, but I guess you could try to understand the code and do it. :)


has heart attack

Really?!? Are you using my post? Thank you! Lol


Speaking of help... help.
Da Project
well, not really help, but I need help finding bugs (If there are any at all)
idk, examine the code, and look for any bugs so I can fix them, please.