Help with my subscription. read



I subscribed to Hopscotch. I went on my other account and I viewed my subscribed account. My profile picture wasn't there (my custom picture) and I started to get curious why. Do you guys know why? I don't want my subscription to be a waste.




Sometimes custom profile pictures don't show up, at least for me.


Is that the OTML?


Yes it is.


But that is a waste of money


Was it approved yet? They usually work for peeps who have custom pics for me.


Yes. It was approved.


But then after they approved it, I checked my subscribed acc with my other account and it wasnt there.


So I changed it again


Email THT. It's probably just a bug.


YOu subscribed to ur account!
How awesome!


It might be because it's a gif. I don't think gifts work on there :0


W..what? I'm not in the OMTL but since I want to be tagged at your post,I'm in!


What do you mean?


Correct. “AvatarType” is not updated. They need to add one. They will probably have to update HS though.


you sound so professional and wise I can't understand a word you're saying XD


Please a,ways use the updated OMTL. I'm not on it.


I'm not in the OMTL but Foody said that that's the OMTL
I want to be tag every time Foody makes a new topic (I'm a complete stalker lol.Jk) so yeah.:


Is this a variable name?


I see it! I'm not sure why it wasn't showing up for you! Sorry about that!