Help with my project


Like the title says, I need help with some code. I have fooled around with the code and still cannot figure it out. NindroidGames tried to help but it did not fix my problem, and MiNi said she would help but did not. If you help, I will give you credit in the credits section. Tell me if you would like to help, and I will publish the project, let you save it as a draft, and I will unpublish.


Sorry... meh.. hopscotch isn't my thing anymore I guess :confused:


You want to go to your GT until someone else helps?


Hey @sophia71205. What do you need help with?


It is a geography quiz. It has variables and probably some of my most advanced code yet (which is not very complicated.) It will not say how many you got correct when you get to the end.


Do you have code screenshots or a link?


It would be easier to do a link. Do you want to see the one with iPad variables or object variables? Tell when you have it saved as a draft, so I can unpublish it before there are too many likes.


You can unpublish it as soon as you copy the link. I will still be able to access it.


Okay, but which do you want to see?


Which one do you want to use? It doesn't really matter to me


It does not matter. NindroidGames suggested the iPad variables, so I will try that one. Just give me a minute.


The answers are: 4, Denmark, China, South Korea, and China & Nepal.


Ok, I got it. I will take a look


@sophia71205 So when you tap one of the four answer buttons, it checks if the question number is correct.

At the same time, the question number is going up when you tap a button.

What is happening is that the question number is being increased too quickly, that before your code checks for if the answer is correct, the question has already been changed. Therefore, the code gives the wrong result.

To fix this, all you need to do is simply put Wait blocks before the Increase blocks in the Text 7 object. It will look something like this:

When (Rectangle) is tapped:
-Wait milliseconds (50)
-Increase (Question #) by (1)

Do the same thing for when (Rectangle 2) is tapped, and so on.

Hopefully does makes sense. I can give you a screenshot if you want.


Okay, let me try it.