Help with my pixel art


Here's the link
Can someone make this look like a real leaf. I mean what it says for the prizes

Here @Rainboom


I could help, but there's nothing in the link XD

Also, there's a pixel art help center, maybe you can ask there? :D


There's still nothing XD


Yeah there is! XD.

Then look in my profile lol


Ohh, ok. So:

1) the pixels are too big, they need to be about 15 width
2) only use one text object
3) use a set value at the beginning and set tags to the width, so if you need to change it you only have to change it once

@smishsmash, @Intellection74 (I think) are making a pixel art guide, maybe you can ask them! :D


Nu. It's due today. Lol



Oh well, you'll get there soon! :D


It's helpful to have all your pixels in rows and look at other peoples codes. I found some templates: