Help with my new game


I just made this new project and I'm wondering if anybody wants to give me any tips or improvements. Here is the link-


That's cool! And of course...
poop related
Anyways, when it's done I will definetly nominate it for featured! Maybe add more things to buy, and make the background more detailed. That would really put it over the top! It's awesome!


Ooh cousins are plotting…


? We're TOTALLY not plotting at all.
JK, but seriously, what would we be plotting?


My cousin always says one thing, then leaves for a while... shrug


That remains to be seen…


Awesome game btw @Pooper127_Forum! There is a mistake in the how to bit. It's "to collect"


@KVJ, we sort of are plotting something, we are making similar games, but mine isn't poop related I still haven't released mine to the public yet though...


Fixed it


Great! Good job so far :thumbsup:




No prob