Help with my new game/ concept!



Hi everyone, I'm making a pretty cool game! There's this part of it where you tap to shoot, and to aim you just tap in the direction to shoot. But, I'm not sure how to do this! I don't want to say what game it is :yum: but I'll give credit for sure! So, what I'm asking is:

Does anyone know how to make an object travel in the direction you tap?

Thanks SO MUCH if anyone helps!


To be clear, do you want it to like glide? And turn in the direction of the tapped place? :D

I can whip up a project pretty quick. :D


I guess glide is a good term, so yes, you can see it move as it goes to the place where you tapped! I was thinking that it might be easiest to make the object turn in the direction first, then "move forward"! Thanks @Gilbert189! But, I'm out of ideas as how to do it so however you do it works for me!


It's hard to know what you want, if you put up the game name for a quick second I could help you out! :smile:


Okay. This code for the turning is gonna be pretty complicated, so give me a second. :D


Sorry @Curved_Guitar, I don't really want to put the game up​:grimacing: But I'll post the project that has the concept in it! It doesn't really work... Not sure if I was even headed in the right direction ( :joy:) with the code!


I so confused now.. :thinking:


Thanks so much @Gilbert189! You're amazing!


Well, the idea is that the dot travels in the direction you tap, but my code is so messed up... I'm confused too @Curved_Guitar


Do you actually need the dot to turn in the direction? Cause I don't think it's nessecary. :D

At least in my project. :D


Yeah! I can use whatever code you come up with @Gilbert189 :grinning: That was just my initial thinking.


Okay! Here's a link! :D

Tell me if its not what you needed! :D


Beat me to it! Good job.


It's awesome @gilbert189!!!! Hmm... I think i need it to be a little faster, do you think there's a way? The target may be moving, so it may be hard to shoot! If you don't want to help its fine! So in that case we may have to use the turning thing. But seriously, awesome job! :smiley:


Ah! In that case, edit the last number, the one that is in the dividing part. The smaller the number, the faster. Keep in mind it tends to look "blockier" as you get smaller, because it moves more and more each time. :D


Thanks @Gilbert189!!! The code is sooooo amazing! I didn't realize it worked with any number! Thanks! I think I'll try to work with that for now! Amazing!


I didn't steal the code, but I did get the concept of gliding from someone here a while ago. :D

Glad you like it! I'm happy to help! If you need anything else, just @ me! :D