Help with my game



Hi! I am hoping someone will help me figure out how to do a part of my game.

I'm attempting to make a pet training game where you do specific things and your pet will do tricks (swipe up for sit, etc.) and you can walk them, and activities like that.

What I'm wondering is how I will do the animations/different positions of the animals. Would Leave A Trail work the best?

I appreciate any feedback anyone can give me. :blush:


To AHappyCoder and SnowGirl_Studios

Drawing would work or you could use emojitecture but that would be quite hard unless you're up for challenge!


Sounds like a fun game! From the sounds of it, I think text animations would be the best way to do it. Since with text/emoji objects you can just use "Set position" to move them it might be more straightforward than Leave a Trail.

For Leave a Trail you have to draw the pet and think about what order you're drawing things and take a bit of time to get the features right. And if you want to move the drawing, you also have to clear the screen before you move it and then draw the pet again.

That said, with Leave a Trail drawing you more customisation with your pets whereas with emojis you can only choose from what's available:mouse::hamster::rabbit2::mouse2::rat::cat::hatched_chick::dog:

Or another way of doing it is like ToasterRebellion's project with shape symbols:

It takes time but that's another way of doing it and here's the link-

Anyway that's just a bit of feedback and good luck with your game :smiley:


I hadn't thought about that!(toaster-rebellion's people and dragons)


I hadn't thought about emojitecture either!

If you're interested in that, MagmaPOP made a project with tips on emoji pixel art which might be helpful:

And here's the link to MagmaPOP's project on Emoji Pixel Art.

To AHappyCoder and SnowGirl_Studios

I can't make emoji pixel art but it looks very cool !


Thanks, to all of you! I'm excited about this won't be out for a while, between the codes, characters, and the testing. I might go for Emojitecture, because with drawing I'd have to clear the screen every frame. I hope to add multiple pets, like dogs, cats, rabbits, and more. Wish me luck! :smile:

I might also see if anyone wants to collaborate. I can do the basic tricks and screens, and someone can do the animations.

Thanks again!


@CreativeCoder you could do what t1 said about toaster rebellions project, but that would be very customizable with the 'set text' block and custom colors.


The shape idea is good for different poses, so you don't have to add new emojitextures constantly. :wink: