Help with music!



Ok, this is kinda off topic but kinda not........I'm in this thing called honest band and I want to make the music I'm doing on hopscotch but.....,there are a lot of slurs in it and idk how to do that in hopscotch.......can anyone help a band-nerd girl put?!?!?!?!?!?!!!:saxophone::trumpet::guitar::violin::microphone::headphones::musical_score:


I wish for the notes, the block says Hold for ______ milliseconds
Instead of
Wait for _______ milliseconds
And, I don't think that this is off topic. I can change the title to your choice if you wish!


But how would that slur two notes together??? One after the next?


After about 500 milliseconds, the note ends. So if your note was longer than that, you would have an awkward silence.
If you had the hold block, the note would hold for however long you want it to.


But it's not holding the's two note with our a rest In between


Oops, *out not our!!!!!!!!


I don't think that it currently possible in Hopscotch without the "Hold for __" block that kiwi is suggesting.
I also think they hold for block is a great idea. Hopscotch needs to up the amount of stuff we can do with music.


Yes I totally agree........I play complex stuff so I kinda need the advanced stuff for music.


That's fine!
So the note will only last for a few hundred milliseconds, whether you want it to stop or not. For example, let's say that the note lasts one second and fades out after that. You have that note wait for 500 milliseconds. So after 500 milliseconds you have another note of the same length put after it. The note before will still be playing for another 500 milliseconds.
So if you had a hold block, you have the first note hold for 500 milliseconds and the next note hold for another 500. There, the first note will hold for 500 milliseconds and stop, thus creating a slur!


You could just have the notes play rapidly after one another. Like have a note wait 50 milliseconds and the next one wait 50 milliseconds and it would sound like a slur.


Ok, thx!!!!!!!!! @Kiwicute2016 and @DragonLover975


Hi! I also do music' and I want slurs as well. Check this out, I tried
If the audio doesn't work click the title


@Liza @alish
And other hopscotch team members, please look!


I have clicked on your link in a browser and have listened to most of the tune, @Follow4LikesOfficial. I won't spoil the title for others, since you didn't reveal it in your post. It sounds like you have put quite a bit of work into it. That's cool.

I'd like to toss my penny into the well and ask whether you'd agree with something. I've said it before, and I'll say it here. To take sound to the next level, Hopscotch should evolve a command, similar to the following:

SOUND w = [waveform (sin, pulse, triangle, saw, noise, etc.] at f = [frequency in Hz] for d = [duration in ms] at v = [volume (0-100)].

An alternate form, specifically tailored to music would be icing on the cake, but the above is a general-purpose approach that I have seen in other programming tools and that I would enjoy working with today. With something like this, we could create much more interesting sound effects, catchy riffs (think... "Geometry Dash") and nice musical compositions like yours with ease. It would be so much more FUN than these prefab sounds and xylophone hits! Where the topic is, "Help with music!", would you agree?

In any case, very nice work! I wonder how Kotarose13's "bluegrass" composition from a few weeks back turned out... :slightly_smiling:


Shhhh.... To be honest, it took me only 1 hour to make and it drowned in my drafts!

I completely forgot about it for 5 days. Then I was like :flushed: and realized I still hadn't published it, and violΓ .


All the more. Imagine what you could do in the same 1 hour (🀐) with some slightly enhanced (basic) sound tools. :sunglasses:


Yeah, hopscotch shouldn't be just game making, I think art and music should be an experience for everyone too! We definitely should have more music features


I believe that would be very helpful. I had once suggested that Hopscotch had built in tunes that you could edit, but I'm not sure if they took it!