Help with music in my WIP shape art + music



Ok, so if you know Flowey’s theme (Your Best Friend not the photoshop/omega flowey one) and/or can read a piano sheet, please help me with this.
If you can read piano sheets, just search up “Undertale Your Best Friend Piano Sheet” if you don’t know the song
The first part (the part repeating 4 times) sounds fine, but the music (incomplete btw) sounds off. Plus, I really wanna finish this soon, it’s been about a month and I really wanna see this published.
I know @GweTV gave me a photo to read a piano and some sites to find music for this, but I feel like I’m doing this wrong.
So, if you can help i’d be happy. Any way to make it sound smooth or like the theme, i’d be happy for the info.
Thanks in advance.
@CodeHelp @pomtl


I’m not good at coding music, but if you need any help with reading music I might be able to help.


Ok, so search up “Undertale Your Best Friend Piano Sheet” (on whatever search engine you use)
You should find one. One of them says “Toby Fox” on the upper right hand corner, that’s the one I was using I think
Toby Fox created undertale, that’s why it says that


If you can read music you just put it down in Hopscotch.
It’s not too hard.


Here’s what I got. Edit it if it’s wrong please.


I just realized which theme you meant on the other tag I was tagged on. I found this on MuseScore:

Also, I can’t access links like these on my computer. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Comparing it to @Legendary_myth’s score, this is an octave higher.


You already seem to have a solution, but if you need more help, I might be able to help you! Just ask :slight_smile: