Help With Models!



Ok I have to go to school too bye


You could make more realistic proportions :wink:


@RubyWolf can you help me I don't know how to make peachy skin and I just came home from school my school ends at 3:10 is it because I live in Hamilton sorry lets get back on topic


Ok what do you mean?


I don't know how to make peachy skin


The head is very big, and also the eye is (at least I think) misshapen :wink:

Drawing on paper compared to

Oh ok I'll try to fix that.........


Just a design/placement tip:

In anime and manga, eyes are placed at 1/2 the face's height. The nose is then placed at 1/4, and the mouth at 1/8. Try this to make it a bit cuter or chibi-like.

EDIT: Also, in real life, eyes are placed at the Golden Ratio to the face, which is approximately 1.62. So, yeah, make your eyes a bit lower.

Also, when adding hair, one's hairline is right in the Golden Ratio of the forehead. So, if you're going to add hair, MAKE SURE that it covers at least 1/3 if the top if the forehead! Unless you want to make it bald; obviously this rule would not apply there.


Ok so here is my first model

How does it look


It looks amazing for your first one!

I would work first on making the hair "flow" naturally, and the arms a bit wider :wink:


Thanks I'm still working to make it better๐Ÿค—


I take model requests in this topic too!


@RubyWolf1 the WIP is half the way how old are you???


I don't want to say personal


That's okay.....I didn't mean to invade in your privacy but it's okay to tell your age...I'm ten turning eleven this year....big deal


Same! I'm ten and turning eleven


Woah awesome,....,:blush: Okay so about the models....are you going to continue? I came home from school at 12:25 pm beacause of meet and greet.....


Yes I want to continue if your asking me :blush:


I don't know how to make it flow


Look at @SmilingSnowflakes's models for guidance!