Help With Models!



Hello CP here! I made this topic so if people are making models on hopscotch and they need help I can help! I may help you as a collab if you wants, @RubyWolf1 do you want me to help you with your models?? I code some code from @SmilingSnowflakes and big huge thanks to @XiaoMiaoMi! Now who want help with their models! And please don't go of topic I really don't want this to be flagged!


Thanks for this topic! Yes I do need help here's my model so far

#3 maybe you can make the body a leave a trail...if you need help with that tweak the code of the body of my models! So far it looks great! So the hair...I suggest looking at @SmilingSnowflakes code and see if you can tweak it to make it suit your models! But your going really well so far!


And maybe you can have blush to!

Here's the code if you need!


Thanks so much for all the help!


And make the head a leave a trail!

Probably tweak the code to make it your suited head size!


It's what I do best @RubyWolf1!


Amid the braid my censored was my cousin Sabrina's doing.....


Ok I wondered why it was there


I can't wait to see what my model looks like! I'll just experiment. I might do model requests!
Are you on pagiee world?


@RubyWolf1 do you want to do a collab together on your models? But you still make everything but I help you with code??


Yes! I'm pockypanda9


Ok sure that would be cool


I'm diamondstars I follow you!


Okay about the collab could you publish your model? So I can add....


I'm in Australia! So we should get back on topic


Ok ill publish is now


Really cool! Okay back on cousin deleted the post.


I would love to learn how to make models


You can look at other models to help you and just experiment until you get it right