Help with megamoji clones



Hey everyone! I need some help with code.

So I am making a game where you draw on an Octopus (that has blocks so the face is covered up) using the clone draw method.

When you tap a button, I need the clones to "glue" to the Octopus like a Megamoji. After that, you move it by tilting the iPad.

I need to know what value would be clone-specific to use. Here is the code for the "When character is cloned, make the clone" rule:

The part I need help on is the second parts of the equations for the Set Postion block (it is defaulted to three now). Thanks!

P.S. It needs to be something like Set Position X(Octo X Pos.-Clone X Pos.) Y(Octo Y Pos.-Clone Y Pos.)


Well, are you going to be able to move octopus, you just want the clones to stay where they are on Octo? I'd suggest putting the code Octo has for the controls on the character that gets cloned. Example:

Octo's rule

When :arrow_forward: is pressed
Change X by 50

Character that is being cloned's rule

When :arrow_forward: is pressed
Change X by 50

Only down side is that Octo's face would get messed up, if you make him go against the screen. :disappointed: But other that that, it should work! :smiley:


Oh yeah, I forgot if you put it in e character that's being cloned all the clones do that also! I'll try that. Maybe I can make a border to keep it from getting messed up. Thanks!


@CreativeCoder you are welcome! Yeah, I don't think it would be possible with set position, unless you used a million check once if's and check if else's. Along with a million values, and just sooo much. No idea if it would be possible.


@Hoppertoscotch I saw a post about clone-specific values and that's what I thought of, but I missed the easier solution :laughing:


Haha @CreativeCoder. I never thought I would be telling you how to code something, I really imagined it the other way around, I hope the project comes out soon! It sounds cool!


Lol @Hoppertoscotch. Thank you! I plan on having it done soon, but there are so many repetitive rules..


Basically, you put this in a repeat forever block:

That will alter the position! :wink:

EDIT: Oops, this was solved, and you're using clones, so this is useless :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Haha @Rawrbear. At least you tried :laughing:


Thanks, but AHHHHH! Grr... I would like, but I ran out of likes, so here :heart: