Help with making a spiral



Does anyone know how I could create a project like this..?


I do! That's awesome!:smiley:


It would be very hard and you would have to use a lot of values if it was possible but it might not be possible. Why were you at


Wait, doesn't exist!


I found it on the internet, I thought it would be cool if I could create a project like that?


if you could create that exact image, maybe you rotate everything and it does the animation.


There's a spiralling project by MagmaPOP that has a similar concept and might be helpful. You could remix it and change the emojis and speed. The link to the project is here.


What you can do is put down some lines like this _ or this- in rainbow colors. Then put a turn by 2 degrees block inside a repeat forever block. Also a grow by 10 percent block in the repeat forever block. I can make an example if you want!