Help With Loading Screens?

Hi! I’m trying to make a Magic 8 Ball game, and I want to make a loading screen, but I don’t have any ideas. I also have NO idea how to transition from the loading screen to the main screen with the play button. Can you help me?


This is a loading screen that I have made, and I think that it’s pretty cool:
I would grab the link, but I need to go, sorry. Tag me so I can post the link tomorrow.


Okay! Thank you, @William04GamerA!

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taggged u…

Here’s one general method:

  • Set up objects for the loading/start screen in their When Game Starts events.

  • Do what ever you want to initialize main screen objects in their When Game Starts events, but make them invisible

  • On the loading/start screen add the “Play” text with a When (self) is tapped event

    • In that event, Set (:iphone:play) = 1
    • Then immediately, Set (:iphone:play) = 2
      (This makes the When :iphone:Play = 1 events for the main screen objects execute only once, just like a When Game Starts event)
  • Turn objects for the main screen visible in a When (:iphone:play) = 1 event, where :iphone:Play is an iPad variable

If you need, you can have a conditional to check if :iphone:Play = 2 to know that the project is on the main screen


Thank you! This helps a lot. I’m kind of outdated with Hopscotch.

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@William04GamerA, you asked me to tag you, con you help?

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I made a loading screen tutorial a few days ago!
Should I post the link?

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