Help with level selector

Project link:

What is happening in the project, and what do you want to happen instead? I want the level numbers to be aligned from top left to bottom right, but the level numbers are out order and stacking on top of each other

Screenshots of code: (link)

@CodeHelp, @Crosbyman64 (good debugger and has experience in this kinda stuff)


I can’t seem to find a solution yet, but I do found something else, there are 25 blocks, but you used 38x2 (76) clones. Why is that?

Or am I not paying attention, and seeing something wrong?

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for some reason i didn’t notice that, the clones must’ve overlapped at some point

I tried to only use 50 clones, but it still didn’t work. Maybe it is because the position?

I’m bad at grids, so I can only help with the clones.

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but it breaks when i clone 50 times (25*2)

For a grid…

clone index % x and floor(clone index ÷ x) must both have the same x value. The amount of clones is what determines how tall it is.

And for top left to bottom right, multiply by a positive value for x gap, a negative value for y gap, and set the start to the top left.


e: oh top left to bottom right? let me fix that rq
e2: officially fixed - too lazy to type an explanation but crosby’s post is correct

ok, I’ll make sure of that next time, thanks!

thank you so much!!

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