Help with "Kitty, Kitty."


I'm making a game called Kitty, Kitty on my new Hopscotch account. And I need some help with stuff. It'll be a four part game, about a cat. So let's keep this short and simple. I need help with:

Stop following my finger!

It's kind of simple, but I do need help with it. When I press a certain thing, the character needs to stop following my finger!

Cat eyes

Yes folks, I need cat eyes. Shape art or trail art please! Kind of like this:

That's all for now, but I'm sure I'll need more help as the game progresses.

Yes, if you help, you will recieve credit.


Seems cool! I'll see if I can help you with the eyes


For the first thing:

When 7=7
Check Once If [value] = 0
Set Position (last x), (last y)

When [thing] is [tapped/pressed/etc.]
Set Value [value] to 1

If you need it so it follows all the time except for when something's pressed... well... that's a bit different.


So you have it where the cat will follow your finger, but you don't want it to when you tap a certain button?


Thanks! You beat me to it


Oh yes. It's got to follow all the time until a button is pressed....
Nevermind :D
Thanks for the help, CC