Help with Ideas (for a real game)


Hello all,

Over the summer, I’m planning on making a game with a friend, and my own. The one with my friend will be a 2D puzzle platformer game, and my own will be similar to my project on Hopscotch, Super Smash Emojis.

What I’d like help with is deciding Emojis and their attacks. What I’d like you to do is put a yellow emoji (like :grinning:) as the character, and then an object for the left/right attack, the up attack, and the bottom attack (please describe how each one works), as well as a name of the character. Example:

Name: Sir Cool Beans
Emoji: :sunglasses:
Up attack: :moneybag: (bag flies straight up)
Left/Right attack: :dollar: (dollar shoots sideways at enemy)
Down attack: :bomb: (drops bomb, which explodes after 3 seconds)

The Melee attack will be the same for all characters, a fist.

Also, the game will be made of pixel art, for the sake of time and effort put into it. I’d rather get the done fairly quickly so then when my friend and I start on our game I am more familiar with how to do things.

Poll: which should the game be?

  • Mobile game
  • PC game

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Link to the Hopscotch project:


Wait is this for hopscotch?


Name: Penguin
Emoji: :penguin:
Up attack: :snowflake: (flies straight up)
Left/Right attack: :fish:(shoots sideways at enemy)
Down attack: :droplet: which explodes to :sweat_drops:: (drops water bomb, which explodes after 3 seconds)


I’d suggest making sure the game is optimized for both the web player and the app.


No. I will be using Unity and using C# to make this, and am hoping to eventually have it on the App Store/Google Play.


Ok, awesome! That sounds like a great idea, and the Hopscotch version was really awesome too. Congrats on the feature! I first saw your game in the games tab, I didn’t know you were on here until now. Keep up the great work. :+1:


Dude, your game needs Game Changers.


Just a note not everything has to do something after 3 seconds or fly straight up or whatever. Be creative.


Ok :ok_hand:

I’m a make another one


Name: Island Statue

Emoji: :moyai:

Up attack: ::deciduous_tree:: (follows the opponent for 5 seconds, then falls)
Left/Right attack: :horse: (throws bunny sideways at enemy)
Down attack: :flying_saucer: (drops)


We could have :angry:


Name: Mad Mario… yeah that’s all I’ve got

Up smash attack could be having him jump up, (kind of like Sonics up smash,) and hitting anyone.

Down Smash: he grows arms and Smashs the ground hitting anyone within a close range.

Side smash: grows arms and claps them together.

Up special: uses a down smash to gain height

Final Smash: grows gives a scary look stunt every player…

That’s all I’ve got so far…


That sound super cool and awesome! Can you tag me when you have a beta version available (if you want to share that)?


Sure thing!

If anybody else would like to be tagged just tap something in this poll:

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@Jedi4Jesus I’ll probably tag you as well, you seem pretty interested.