Help with HSBs?



Hey guys. So I am making an Art Pad using "Infinite Colors" but I cannot seem to get it to snap out of black. If anyone can help me I will put them in the credits and give them a shoutout! Here is a link:


All you need to do it take the "repeat forever" part out of the "follow finger" ability (keep the "set position last touch" block though!) and you're all set! :D Good luck! It looks amazing! :)


Or just look at other people's HSB drawing pads XD :gem:


Just like what @BananaDog said, remove the Repeat Forever block. This is because it causes the trail to stay the same colour as it was when the game started (in your case black)

Here are some screenshots:



I hope this helps!


Thank you so mich guys! :DDD this helps so much! Now I can finally get to the setting width.


Alright! I got the link to the finished project Here!


It's amazing! Can you please remove me from the credit? I don't really need any credit for helping a fellow Hop! :grinning:

Btw (if this isn't too hard for you) you should add an option so that when you are changing the colour/width, it doesn't draw at the same time. If you need any help with this (only if you actually want to add it, I'm not forcing you :wink:) let me know!


Yeah, that part is really annoying. I will try! Thank you!


No worries, if you like I can take screenshots of an example of code so that the drawing has a limit/border like this:


Obviously it wouldn't look like that XD! But it would limit you to that space!


Here, I have some code for that.


Here's a shot. Make sure that in the drawing part, you instead replace the press iPad with press Touch BG. Also, cover any parts that aren't supposed to be drawn on with other objects. That would be your borders. This code just helps to not draw while pressing buttons, so you can still draw where the buttons are, if that is what you still would like, just not draw when you press those buttons.