Help with HSB Pad


Lately I have wanted to make my own regular drawing pad but then I decided to have infinite colors with a HSB pad. So I kinda brainstormed how I would do that but when I tried to actually do it, I got confused. So can anybody teach me how to do it with values and stuff?
I want it to be something like this:
HSB Pad by Obedient_Walrus
But, instead, this all I have so far. :expressionless:
What I have so far
So can anybody help me on this?


You'll need 3 objects and some arrows or something.

For each object assign a part. So one would be H, another S and the last B.

Then it's basically the same stuff as you do with Width changing!

Be sure to use a HSB block with those H,S and B values in the drawing object!



Thats what I have done so far... look at my project. Oh, dont mind all of those Ks in the title...


Okay now you need the code.

So for the H the code could be

When 7 =7

Set text to (H) colour (Whatever you want)

When (increasing arrow) is Pressed

Increase Value (H) by 1

When (decreasing arrow) is Pressed

Increase Balue (H) by -1

And similar stuff for the S and B, but with different values and arrow!


Oh ok thanks for letting me know. I get it now.


You're welcome!

If you still need help don't be afraid to ask!


Why would I be afraid to ask. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Anywho thanks.


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nice that you are using hsb, but have you thought of sliders instead?


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I can't be much help, but @BellaWafflez has a great HSB pad, maybe you could ask her!