Help with Hopscotch Wars!



Hey guys!! I am going to make a movie. Its going to be a Hopscotch version of Star Wars! (I am going to call it Hopscotch Wars, though that might change...) So if you want to help me that would be totally awesome! (I mainly need ideas on the whole story line...:grimacing: )

Thanks so much! :blush:



You can first start with a character that's jealous that he's never chosen for anything, and the other is always chosen, so he gathers an army and tries to defeat the always chosen chracter, and his rage turns him evil.


So like two brothers or something?? I love that idea!!


@BasketballNerd JODY AND MR.MUSTACHE!!!!!!


@Hoppertoscotch -- Yes! That sounds awesome! Thanks!!


@BasketballNerd thank you! And you are welcome!


@Hoppertoscotch do you want to help me make it?


@BasketballNerd saying I have NEVER seen Star Wars, I don't think I would be much of a help!


I just started watching the movies last month, and before that, I felt like I was the only one that hadn't seen Star Wars!!! You should see it. It's good. Sci-fi stuff


Thats totally okay! I dont know a ton about it either... :stuck_out_tongue: I wasn't going to have it a lot like Star Wars, anyway! I was just going to name the characters like the characters in the movies :slightly_smiling:


I just saw the movies last year so I kinda know how you feel... :stuck_out_tongue: Do you want to help me too? I could use all the help I can get!! :slightly_smiling: (@Hoppertoscotch and @Lightningstrike, I will give you credit if you do choose to help me)


Sure! Keep the idea of jealous! The army should be robots!


Sure! But I'm not exactly sure how to "help you" :grin::joy:


Ok.....I am making up a beginning. Here it is:
Once upon a time, there were two brothers their names were ____ and ____. ____ always was the one to be chosen to help with all kinds of epic things, because they were part of the hero family. When they grew up, ____ was tired of _____ being chosen to be the hero, so he chose to become the villain. He made a robot army, with about five people he forced to join. They guided the robots. These forced guides were ____, ____, ____, ____, and.... The lead guide, _____. On the other hand, _____ the hero, had a new target. His own brother. He raised a military, to fight ____'s evil robots, and to win freedom and peace on their planet. (The blanks are the names you come up with.


For now Jody is J and Mr.Mustache is M
M is always picked

"Ok, Star, which boy would you like to pick to be in your show, J or M?"
" J"
J gasped. " really?"
He had never been so happy in his life. While M was always chosen for everything, from performing at huge theaters or winning raffles, J never got chosen. For anything. But now that J was chosen to preform, he couldn't contain his excitmemt.
"YES! Thank you!"
J started dancing around. Suddenly, he heard a voice.
"Hey, be quiet, the whole neighborhood is going to hear you"
It was M. J looked at M and said, "what, are you jealous or something?" In a taunting voice.
"What do you mean I'm jealous, your the one that's always jealous of me!"
Strangley, M's mouth didn't move when he said this.
J opened his eyes. Darkness. But he could make out M leaning over him.
"Finally, I thought you'd never wake up! You were talking and yelling in your sleep, and thrashing around. So loud!"
it was just a dream. J thought. M's still always the winner.
M continued.
"Well, you'd better get a good rest, tomorrow's my big show!"
I remembered. J thought bitterly.
And with that, M went back to his room and shut the door.

How about this to start?


That could be like the very beginning, as the example of M always getting picked, and J not happy. Mine can be the introduction, or just the main story.


This could be a summary or storyline. I don't know if it will explain the movie. It's a little short. Not that it's bad. Mine could be too long. After all, that's only the beginning of the story! I hope I didn't sound to mean... :cold_sweat:


I can help. I know lots about star wars.


wait you know how when a Star Wars movie starts the text is yellow and slowly makes its way to the top of the screen
Let's do that


You have to ask to join.