Help with Hopscotch Followers



How do you know who follows you on Hopscotch?

I just came back to Hopscotch after a long time and I don’t know how to see who follows you and who you follow. Can someone help?

-AweBlo (AwesomeBlossom😜 on the app)


You can’t see who follows you unless you’re in their profile or it’s in your activity, and you can see who you follow in the Following tab.


You can’t. Why do you want to?


I just wanted to get back in touch and make sure I was following them too @Kitty4U. Also, @treefrogstudios I don’t have a following tab.


theres an app someone made that can tell u , suprisingly, its old and well since i dont use hopscotch anymore i guess its time to share with yall


YouTube. Don’t fall for it


too late


Knowledge of coding really does help :smiley:


15 people got pranked lol


People can just go on followers and look at the games of people so they have a rough idea


That’s hard if you follow someone like Funky who makes a gajillion Projects a day


Well then look at who likes your projects or beg the HST

  1. Notifs only go back a week or two so you’ll miss most of them.
  2. We tried m8 :joy:


Oh… that’s real sad…


Innit though


Ran out of likes so here’s a virtual like :heart:️:yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: