Help with HHC2016!


Hi guys! It's almost Halloween, and I want to participate in the Hopscotch Halloween Contest of 2016. I have the ghost create a clone of itself. Then, it repeats moving across the screen. When it is tapped, it should disappear, but it's not. Can someone please help me?


Could I have a link to the project? :D


Umm...sure! I guess I will put it up!


Ok, it's published!


Thank you! I'm trying to fix it right now. :D


Ok! It's about 9:00 PM where I am, so let me know tomorrow if you've fixed it! Thank you @SmilingSnowflakes!

You are one of my senpais


Okay! I've found the problem. :D

The flashlight effect is blocking the ghosts, since the ghosts are behind the shapes that make the effect, it doesn't pick up that you're poking the ghost. :0




Thanks! Hopefully I can get this project done in time for the Hopscotch Halloween Contest! :wink:


Aye, I was too late to help. Glad you figured it out, and good luck in the competition!