Help with game!



Hey guys! I am making a game called sweet deserts and I would like a partner! Please say if you want to be a partner so I will know! I think the game would come out sooner if I had a partner! (By the way this is continuing from the thing where I asked what to make! I will give a BIG shoutout to the people who helped soon!)


Hi, I would like to help you make an awesome project.
But what's the game about?


Can I love to help make with the game @teddyweddy23!


@TromaxTheDestroyer The game is about three sweets who need to get home. Their home is the :european_castle: and sense they are deserts the enemy is :tangerine:. The deserts are :shaved_ice:, :icecream: and :cake:. They need to get home safely with bumping into the :tangerine:. That is all I have thought of so far.


Ok, I love the idea.
Do you want me to help you?


This is going to be something I will announce soon! I am busy so I haven't been able to think much. (though there isn't much to think about...)