Help with game: The Popper



This game is very slightly related to Wack-A-Mole. I want help making the game. It will the called, "The Popper". I will give credit if wanted.

So you are the person, (1st person mode game, you can't look around, only straight.) and you are is a graveyard with 5 or 6 holes infront of you. Next to each hole, there is something (not decided what it is yet) and it will do something like flash, when The Popper (Jody) is about to come out of that hole.
You shine your flashlight on it, so it will stop, and to cancel Jody's attack. (I am for now on going to call Jody "Popper") but, if you do not react in time, Popper will come out of the hole, and kill you. It is called The Popper because you need to keep Popper from popping out of the hole. I would like some help to make this, like kinda just guide my code. Remember, credit is given if asked. Just tell me to give you credit, and I will. If you don't want me to give you credit, just don't talk about it unless I bring it up.


I can help.
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@GiraffeProductions ok. 3D illusion. I will keep that in mind, but can you help it look like it's not just a black circle on the ground? That is kinda the first step.


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Ok. Can you tell me how?


@GiraffeProductions this is what I have so far:

Any suggestions?


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It needs to be dark so you can find the flashing light easier.


The holes kinda have to be a bit art.


@GiraffeProductions I don't know exactly what you mean. But I'm guessing you want them to look more like holes, and I asked you about that earlier and you never replied :neutral_face:


Well I can work on the holes and you can work on the other stuff but also here is an example of something it could look like with jody coming out (frog emoji represents jody)


I thought the would jump out into your face


It does
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Ok maybe we should actually start. How do you make a hole look 3D? @GiraffeProductions I will make a new topic, but you might as well know.