Help with Game Idea Based On Simulation of Black Hole


Hi @TheDeliciousOrange here. On hopscotch i made a Black hole simulation

Which was one of the more popular projects I made. But i want to make it into a feature worthy game or bigger simulation of some sort. Any Ideas??


It’s pretty cool!
Maybe you could make a thing where if someone taps, let’s say Cosmic Cody, they move away from the hole, and if they don’t, itsucks Cody in?


Yeah…I might do that. Thanks CoderOfMagic


Maybe the black hole gets bigger and after a few minutes it explodes or implodes? And maybe being able to summon objects that go to it, and certain objects go to it faster


Hmm…good idea MewtwoCreator


Thanks! I was thinking about how black holes act. Maybe to make it seem even more realistic (if you want), search up black hole facts and maybe incorporate black hole gravity or something.


I would also really like to see some kind of game where you move around and collect items so you don’t get stuck in the black hole.


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