Help with forum


I am new to this forum and if someone wants to help me please do!


Hi, I’m ISNBN! Welcome to the forum!
For a tutorial of the forum, type:
@discobot start new user
Then post it. A blue notification should show up on your profile icon on the top left. Tap it and the rest will explain itself.
You can also tag me by typing @IShallNotBeNamed if you ever need anything.
Go ahead and explore the forum a bit too.


Ok here’s some help:
Hello! Welcome to the forums! I will explain to You a bit and help you out while your in the forums! Ok so first things first. This is the forums! There’s different topics explaining about different things. We try to keep the forum hopscotch related. There’s drawing topics. Topics about bugs. Not the :ant: I’m saying as coding bugs and more. You can talk to many people on the forums! So basically there is 2 reply buttons. One is on the person text and one is on the bottom (big blue one) those are just to reply. Although the one on the person text will Get notified but the one on the bottom won’t get notified. If you want someone to get notified without you replying, just tag them. Tagging is just @ and their name. So for example you have a Friend like me and want to notified them just say @Jordan. If You run into 20 character limit and need to write more, just type <spam of random words Do NOT talk about personal information and you should no that. Don’t upload images of your self or where you live. It is fine to upload coding stuff, drawing and you could do your pet. There is many great people on here. My best friends to me are @JonnyGamer and @BlastFusion (If you didn’t like me tagging you Jonny and Blast I’ll remove)
And lastly. Welcome @


Hey there! If you need any help, just tag me like this: @yaygirls.


Thanks guys for the help!


No worries! It’s ok :smiley: when I was in my class. I was like competing against you for the likes :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hi, @TheCMStudios!
Welcome to the forum! I hope you are starting to read some of the other replies up above, because they were written by really good forumers! Be sure to check out all of their forum topics!
As mentioned, if you need any help or just want to talk, be sure to tag me with the @ sign! (@Swati_Bang) this will basically notify me!
Try to read through some topics on latest, comment/like a few of those to get a feel for the forum! This will help get the forum used to you and you used to the forum! When you think your ready to share your ideas and opinions with the community, create a topic! Be sure when creating a topic you follow all of the community guidelines!
I hope to see you more often around here! :smile:
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Hello, @TheCMStudios! This is only a short snippet (sorry I’m afraid it’s rlly nothing compared to all the other great posts that ppl have uploaded on this topic! :sweat::sweat:) but I just want to say, welcome to the forum! I hope u love it here and that we can become great friends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: feel free to tag me with @TheGreatCatsby any time! (And pls don’t read my bio it ■■■■■ big time​:joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob:)



Sorry apparently one of my words got cut out in my last post!! If ur confused the word that got flagged was s.u.c.k.s . Sorry Hopscotch! I never thought it was rude in anyway, but… welp, you never know these things! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: