Help with featured!


Ok I'm trying to get featured lol.
I guess this is a topic for encouragement and help. Do you think a trail art of the Eiffel Tower or a famous landmark would be good enough

Have another idea! Don't vote if you think to personal but what state do you live in?
This will be used one coded maps of the USA


Yeah, if it's good enough!
If you have a game, a good idea is to make the title screen look really cool so it increases the chance of someone clicking it! :D

Good luck! And you've been on Rising before, so you have a good chance of getting Featured!


So should I do a title screen before the trail art?


I don't think it's necessary, unless you need one. :stuck_out_tongue:
I meant for a game, you should have a title screen!
I would give a background for the trail art though! :D


Frances flag? How should I make the title catchy flashy type?


I think you should make the background a sky, with grass near the bottom, and a sun! It can be really simple, but it's up to you! :D
"Eiffel Tower Trail Art" is good enough, the title itself won't do much, unless you name it something like, "Poo poo hehe."


XD. Will that attract attention


Lol don't call it that.

But simple titles can work, if they're unique. Maybe twist/combine words to make them your own unique thing. Like "Kaleidocosmos" or "Numberity", but simple names work too.