Help with drawing pad


Hi. So I love hopscotch in all but I am working on a drawing pad and it works, but when you 'try' to draw, it follows my finger, but leaves no trail behind. Does anybody know what this is?


Can I have a link to the project and a screenshot of the code you used


Yahsure one min. Ok :ok_hand:🏻


Here's the link:


I can help! Do you have a clear or set trail block anywhere that has a repeat block?


No :confused:, I don't have any in my code for the text that draws the trail


Here's the link to the project:

The rainbow emoji is the thing that draws the trail


Maybe your check block is doing something weird. Change your check block and make it set twice instead and see if that's it. =D


It's the background. It's drawing white over it all!


In the background it's a repeat block.


I know, it might be the square that's in front of it, or there's a repeat block somewhere.


Hmm. I will go ahead and check


Yep! It's the background. Thanks to all for the help!


Wait, is there a way to have a background, then remove it?


Btw welcome! Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"'