Help with drawing pad, please?


Ok, so I'm new to the forum, and I barely know what I'm doing, but does anyone know what kinds of things make a drawing pad laggy? I'm trying to make one, and when I added a rule to the width that makes it stop at 1, it started lagging. Help please?


Welcome! And good luck on your pad!


Can I help you? First I need a link to it.


Sorry, I haven't published it, so I don't have a link yet. But I might be able to get the link in a little bit.


Um, ok, for some reason it's not letting me get the links from projects right now.


What is wrong with it?


With Hopscotch, or my drawing pad?


Drawing pad.


It's just laggy. I added a change width thing (I like to use thing and thingy a lot :grin:), and then I decided to add a rule that makes it stop at 1, and from then on, it was laggy. It was perfectly fine before. I even tried deleting the rule, and even the whole change width thing, but it is still laggy.


Sorry, but I can't help you, and welcome to the forum! You'll only have limited replies on your first day, so beware!


So, I deleted some stuff and there isn't a huge lag but you can't get rid of the lag.


Aw man :tired_face:. Eh, I could always start over...


No no no! I'll give you the link! It's ok!

(Is it ok? I like it now!)


Ok. Thanks! I like being on the forum (just a random thing), but I probably won't be on for a long while after today.


Why? Is everything ok?


Yeah, it's just that my parents don't let me use the Internet often, and right now I'm on my grandma's phone. Oh, and what all did you delete? I didn't see anything missing.


@PandaBlossom said that music can make a drawing pad laggy, but you need to have a special code for it to work... She said @Anonymous knows...


Have less check if blocks! Those always make pads laggy! :slight_smile:


@Anonymous might know...pfft...don't ask meh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: