Help with dislikes


Can someone dislike my project????


Hi! Welcome to the forum!!


What do you mean by that?


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I mean like, can someone click some kind of dislike button.. Anyway, just so you know Im not new....


Im new to the forum...


Do you mean unlike your project? Yes, people do that!

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There no dislike bottom, but after you like something you can unlike it by clicking the red heart :D


I know.. I mean I am not new to hopscotch!!:slight_smile::slight_smile:


Ok. Got it


Anyway, thx for the help..


Nope, you can't dislike projects.

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U have limited replies on the first day so use them wisely


How many replies can I do


10 replies I think :wink:

Belated welcome! Tag me anytime like this: "@KVJ"