Help with Converting Piano Music


Ok, so I want to do a song. But I don't know where the letter notes (like abc) are for this song, doubting anybody posted them on the internet. Anyways, I need someone expirenced (or can just translate piano notes lol) so I can make this song (or at least part of it)

I can't play piano lol

*i will give credit k

Anyways here's the notes


So you want someone to transcribe this into Hopscotch? (a.k.a. Hopscotchify)?




Right away I'm telling you chances are we can't do the baseline. Two octaves won't allow for the baseline.
This song is beautiful.


Ok mmhmm


I think I'll give it a try.
But... Do you want the whole song to be transcribed?


No, maybe like the main part?

The part on 1:18

I have to leave for girlscouts so I won't be back until 7-8 eastern time


Hmm. I'll try to get in some of the bass, then, because the melody by itself would be lackluster.


I recommend printing out the sheet music and then writing the letter names above it. It will be a lot easier that way.




You can also use BAS's 'Hopscotchifying 10 min music trick'
I don't have the link rn, but I found it floating somewhere around the forum :yum:


Cool! You are in Girl Scouts?! I used to be. We might have met each other 4 years ago and didn't know it!!!! Did you go to a Washington D.C. Thing a few years ago?


2 years ago?

that's when I went there


It's pretty much impossible for anyone other than me to do. It requires a lot of programming knowledge, knowledge of the JSON structure of Hopscotch, and a 200 dollar programming language :stuck_out_tongue:

This is an amazing piece, and I think I might even learn it. It isn't really that hard or complicated, but it still is an amazing melody. I love anime pieces like this :stuck_out_tongue: I'm sure you could make just the melody and the chord progression in the left hand pretty easily. You would have to abandon the left hand counterpoint and stuff though.


I wasn't there2 years ago. I moved 3 yrs ago


Awwwww man okay...
Thanks for letting everybody know :P


R u kidding me?


It does quite a lot. I say its very worth it.