Help with coding (please read)



So I need help because I was in a collab but everyone quit and I'm not the best coder so I need help on these three
- transition from one scene to the next
- counting down time
- split scenery
Ex. Blue sky and green grass.


I can help I will take a screen shot


Here's how to do a background first add a rectangle

then add this code
then add a like thin rectangle then this code


Thank you so much @Gibatron that helped


Or you could do is for the background.


Counting down with time, you could do this:


Thank you but how do you add that when you already have a scene and you need to get rid of the first scene to have the second one @readingpolarbear and @Gibatron


Could you send me the game you are working on with a link and I can have a look and help...
Here is one example:


I'd be happy to help you!


There are also a few videos about levels when you click the +. Hope I can help you!:slight_smile:


If you want you can do the collab with me and I'll give you the password


Can I collab as well @cool? :slight_smile:


Yes what's your HS username because the collab username is Musical Collab


I'm readingpolarbear.


What is your hopscotch name, I'd like to follow you. I can't find cool.


Ok I'll remix one of your projects and that will give you the password


Thanks! I've followed us....


Okay, I'm in there. What would you like help with?


Er um you haven't exactly published anything... How am I supposed to add to something if you haven't published anything?


Ok well the username for the collab is Musical Collab and I will need your username for HS too