Help with coding and fining a group


I need help coding and maybe finding a group to talk to people and code together. It just makes me sad that I put hard work into my projects and I never get much out of it and think it would work better if I have maybe a coding partner or be in a group​:confused:



Ok I'll join! Thanks​:wink:


Btw hi! I'm Komplettverrücktjunge but call me KVJ! Tag me anytime!


Ok thanks KVJ! That will help a lot!!!


Glad to read that! Le XD!

Siriusly, feel free to tag me anytime you need or want help or a conversation (that's on topic :wink: )!


Ok! I'll tag you pretty soon! Thanks


Do you guys (KVJ and BB-Box) want to make a coding group or be coding partners with me or anything? I'm starting to run out of ideas of what to do and you guys inspire me! Reply as soon as you can...thanks


Woah thanks!

I dunno lol…
- I'm out of ideas mainly as well
- @Candycane is my coding partner atm
- I'm in a lot of collabs and its confuzzling XD

I'm not saying "no" but idk :sweat_smile:


Also tagging @BB-Box and I would've gotten quicker replies probably :wink:


Same I was supposed to do this big project but people forgot to inform me on what to do and then I have to so this season contest with people o don't know lol and then there is a another Olympic thing I have to do

Lol confuzzling!


shakes head in pity I know, Frenpai, I know


And in the end I end up completing none of the collabs! Lol!


I know exactly what that's like!

I have a Dr Who collab — which was never really stopped — that was started almost a year ago :sweat_smile:


Lol I think it's best I just stick away from all these collabs (unless I can contact the person and they will reply to me on the forum ASAP )so every time I get invited to a collab page asking me if I will join my answer is
Oh I'm sorry I'm very busy lately
even though I'm not really


Ok it's fine to say no


I guess it's a no for now sorry... Maybe sometime later :wink:


That's fine! Thanks for being honest