Help with code!



Hello everybody!!!!!!!!! This is a topic where if anybody needs help with any type of code, I'll answer it. Well, not just me, maybe other coders becomes me. Ex: @SmileyAlyssa, @Rawrbear, etc. Don't be afraid to ask, just jump right in, and there's a 99.9999% chance we'll answer your question. :wink: :koala:


@Rawrbear quit Hopscotch fyi
Anyways, I like this topic! I'd like to help!


Great! We need lots of help. When did Rawrbear quit? :frowning: That's sad.....but there are still more amazing coders out there. So of course you can help! :wink:


He quit after he got suspended back a few months ago


Anyways, enough of that.


What is GBOT?

it feels like something I should know


he took a break and every once in a while he will post my friend play comp games with him every once in a while. I know stuffs!!!! :smiling_imp:


Ok....... Whatevz...





(Facepalms) :no_mouth:
Ok thx


The whole forum is kind of a place to ask for help, we can't condense it into one topic..


Oh, yeah. Right. Oops. :neutral_face:


It's ok! :grinning:


Yeah. I just was bored and wanted to write a topic but help people at the same time. :space_invader::grinning::koala: