Help With Code Topic: Please Help!


Hey guys!
I need help fixing this game. Can someone help me?
The flowers aren’t moving correctly, and I can’t quite seem to fix them. Nobody wanted to help on the app, so I decided to bring this problem to the forum.


How would you like them to move?


So it’s supposed to be like geometry dash? Sorta?
Sorry idk how to help if idk what it’s supposed to do but you’ve got a Repeat Forever Set Position To X: 1000 so that might make a difference.


You are making it wait every time then moving -5 x :slight_smile:


To the left, actually. The flowers should move to the left, and keep cloning from right to left.


Currently, all flowers reset their position when one of the is touching square.
Change the ”:cherry_blossom: text 6” to “self”.
The reason that they are so slow is that there’s a wait block in the repeat loop, meaning that the flowers will move 5 pixels, then wait 100-1000 ms, then move again. Drag the set speed block and the wait block out of the repeat loop.


I suggest that you try out all the awesome solutions posted above and then just let us know if you need any more help.


Just like @William04GamerA said! Also if those solutions don’t work, tag (@)pomtl (that’s a mass tag list for Forumers who love to help with code!)


Or @CodeHelp!


Agreed! (Tho @PerilTheSkywing already did that, good idea :wink:)