Help with code, sos


Is a project that is ment tobe a contest, but there's a glitch
So when you swipe up the circle is meant to move
To the circle your swiping to, to get the best shades, but if you swipe down then up, the down is a different shade when you didn't swipe it
second, I can only di 5 tags, I think 10 are approoaate, now 11!


I found you hidden message!


Can you publish the project so I can see? Im on your profile but no see


@Stampys_fans can you publish it?


@SabotageWarning, I was at school, a provided link?, just use dat?


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


It takes me to the online page not hopscotch


Now it works! I'm on the game and I'll fix the bug.


Um... Not trying fo rush you but are you done yet?


I'm considering making a completely new project, but with the same template. The code is kinda confusing for me..... But don't worry! I'll try to make it even better. But on the other hand, it might take a longer time.:frowning:


Hey, @SabotageWarning, I'm wondering: when you re-make a piece of code, do you start over from a "blank project" (which is anything but blank), or do you do something else? I'm asking in reference to your term "template". Do you have template files? If so, how do you duplicate them? I have my method, but I'm interested in yours...


For this case, I start from scratch. Sometimes I make templates for other coders that are new to Hospcotch to make coding easier.


@Stampys_fans the project is done, here is the link I recommend opening in app, better interface


It's not what I thought, it was so it was always 50% vis, :blush:, it it was excellent


So do you like it or needs improvement?


Sorry only read your post now :joy: