Help with code for everyone

Hey guys, i made a topic on how to code and all sorts of stuff, so if you need help, i will probably get to you ASAP. (Not guaranteed) lol i took five minutes trying to spell guaranteed. Who needs help? I know i do. Lol. Also rules are:

•No off topic conversation
•No Being mean to others that need help
•Follow community guidelines
•Hear what people have to say
That’s all! (Mainly cause im sounding like a guiding counselor)


Hey there! This is a nice topic idea, but I think this could be put in the you can talk about hopscotch here topic.

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Nice to see you being so happy and enthusiast about the forum!

But one thing: This topic category you used is actually for help with code, there isn’t a topic needed for this. Everyone chooses a different kind tutorial.

Person 1 makes a pixel art tutorial, person 2 makes a trail art tutorial, person 3 a grid tutorial, and person 4 a platformer tutorial!

Nice idea though!

And don’t feel bad about this, you’re pretty new here! You couldn’t know that!

Oh, and one reminder for next time: Search before you post!

Correct. This is a great idea, however, we’ve created the You can talk about your Hopscotch coding here topic for the purpose of having one place where everyone can help each other with code. Feel free to offer your help there!