Help with clones


So im really unexperienced with clones. I have no idea how to use them at all. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? (Im trying to make a 2.5d scene)

Here is the huts code for an example


Just do

When Game Starts

repeat times 30 create a clone

For the huts code

A link to the project would be nice tho


Ok thanks, and can i give a link to a draft?

Edit: oof i just did that, it still does the same exact thing :frowning_face:

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Publish, get the link and then unpublish
Post the link here and I’ll have access to it and I can help


I’m not exactly sure what specific help you needed but I made the clouds more cloud-y and fixed the hut up a bit.
Now you can do whatever you’d like with the hut clones and change what the cloud clones do in their respective “When Object Is Cloned” blocks


What are you trying to do? The clouds? @MeltyMarshmallow

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Hi! As the others said, what are you trying to do with the clones that you have created? Because your code creates the clones, but it is up to you what to do with them next :slight_smile:

Code that should be run after the object is cloned should be put in an “when object is cloned”-rule. Like others already pointed out, you don´t have to have the clone code in the “when object is cloned”-rule.


I want to make 2.5 d figures


Anything specific? Like, could you draw out a rough sketch of a 2D figure you’re trying to make?
Then I could help you make it and animate it


Okay, I think understand! Do you have any further details? Otherwise, I think that I understand pretty well what you want and will try to help you as soon as possible. Remind me if I forget!

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Im trying to make exactlg whats in the picture in the post but make the characters 2d

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