Help With Clones and Deletion of Clones



Oh, yeah.

So when you have clones, they do exactly what the original character's rules do, in addition to the When Clone is Created rule. So, if you have it so it makes a clone every time the A is tapped, the existing clones make clones too.


@Stick88, @CreativeCoder, what should I put in the ___=___?


Hey, can you publish, get a link, and unpublish? I have an idea, but I don't know if it'll work.


Yeah, hang on...




Okay...this should help.

I also made it here if you're lazy XD


Yeah, @oio's explanation made no sense to me, since I'm more of a visual person when it come to coding. XD


Basically, you have the cloning object become invisible.

Then you check if it's invisible. If so, clone it.

In the clone rule, set invisibility to zero.

Or just use the code in that project XD.


Ok I've got it. I've been working some more, and I added a rule so if the cursor reaches the end, it goes down to the next row. But somehow, I messed it up. You can't see any of the letters. Umm what happened, lol. Here's the link:

EDIT: Nevermind, now it's working. Weird.

EDIT: Ok, I am very confused. 50% of the time it's invisible, 50% it's not. What the?


I Have A Fixxxx!,,,,


I'll post something. About it then put a link on here



It is also quicker and also I used this technique in my cool draw v2


Saw you posted it but can you change the position of the letters to "qaz" not "abc"



@BuildASnowman can i have help making a backspace button please, or anyone else? Thanks.


Everything ok now? Got it working? Hope so. :slight_smile:
If not, I can try to show it better...


Thanks for the (indirect) help, oio. I'm starting to understand clones and values and stuff better :D


Yup, everything is working good. @CreativeCoder helped me understand it a little better.

2 Questions: Could you possibly help me with deleting the clones, like adding a back space button? That would be great! Also, did you quit Hopscotch? You haven't posted in 8 weeks...

EDIT: Never mind about the quitting thing, I saw your other post.


Hey, I appreciate your interest. Nope. Not quit. I really enjoy making things with hopscotch. The problem for me is that I have a bunch of "grown-up" stuff that I have to do. I am an inventor, and recently some people were fighting in court about some of my inventions, and I had to do a bunch of work and to spend a bunch of time giving testimony about all of that. What a waste of time. :unamused:

The other thing is that I am having to work on some new stuff that I don't know much about. It's mostly about chemistry, and, well… I'm not a chemist. :upside_down:

I sure hope I will have more free time soon.

As far as deleting clones goes, I think that would be awesome. The thing is, I only know how to make them disappear. I don't know a way to actually delete them. Would it be enough, if I were to tell you how to make clones selectively disappear?