Help with ball bounce physics


gtg @Stylishpoopemoji33
I will be gone for like 3 hours


Do you still need help @Stylishpoopemoji33?


Tag me if you do! I think I’m able to help for now


Yes I do. Thanks. Any ideas @Rodrik834


Maybe have it bounce to the side (a random side)?
I’m not sure what to do besides that


Working on the physics, they look good so well…


Thanks! Anything yet?


@Stylishpoopemoji33 look on nominations for featured


I did. It’s really good!


Any ideas @CreationsOfaNoob?


Next problem! Yay!:clap:
The :x:’s aren’t switching when the sides switch, though I programmed them to. Any ideas or feedback? @Rodrik834 maybe? Thanks!


@Awesome_E I see you there! Have any ideas?


Could I have a link please?

Ima take a look at it


Here is the link:


Ok fixed.

You had a “set x position to Circle 2 X Pos minus 350,” a minus instead of a plus.


@Rodrik834 I love your new ball bounce physics! Any ideas for mine?


Oh remember it’s FTU!


Ok. Thanks! I’ll see if I can implement it. Do you want credit?


Nope it’s FTU without credit!


Well I can help @Stylishpoopemoji33 ok I’ll remix ur project!