Help with avatars 😑 Using Face Pictures


Um haw hackers gonna hack hack hack


Do you really think someone is going to come to his house and send him to jail?


Who knows?


@hoppertoscotch once showed her face


Same with @LazyLizard !


Oh, I'll have to delete my picture of my stuffed dog!!(His face is my face;) Oh hold on I checked in with him and he said its fine.

Drawing on paper compared to

Yeah. Was that her though


Yeah she said it was her


No offense it stuffed but it's cute in a I've been loved for ever way


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Lol. I changed my profile because my Guinea pigs didn't approve of showing their faces on the internet



I think it is OK to out their picture if they want it. But there has been a lot of Internet safety problems, so I highly encourage you not to do that due to safety reasons. But they have the right to. Anyways, I don't think you really had to say names. They might not like it. :wink:


It is not the best idea to show your face, especially your eyes. What @asha has done is good; I can't see her eyes, but I can see what she generally looks like.

If you post pictures of yourself, it is at your own risk


I think we should close this to be honest...

I guess this is enough discussing about these "face as avatars" thing..

It's really up to the user to decide, if you're gonna do it, do it!

No one is gonna stop you after all..


Yes, Asha's is good. Also she is an adult. Us kids are more high at risk. And I think you should keep looking at this @PopTart0219 it might get out of hand.


Didn't you have your face as your avatar once?


What about getting in trouble


Me? 1 for like 2 minutes cause than I came back to my senses of being a kid


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Now I'm scard:wink:, I know but just sayed