Help with avatars 😑 Using Face Pictures


So I looked at some users and they had three face as there AVATER yet your not aloud to put a pic of you in a post. This makes no sense!


Can you explain better? I can't really understand


Can you give an example please? I'm confused


Sure. Some pictures
This is okay:

To name a few yet
If you put your face in a post you get flagged or in trouble


What users? (taking space)


Look up those are asha and funky63 but there's more


Asha is a hopscotch team member so it is fine but I don't know why @Funky_63_Greenland is using his there is a couple others also!


Oh you made a typo. You said "three face as their avatars" and I was like WAT?!?


Yeah and when @Xboxboy put his face he got in a lot of trouble


Oh and I guess it's because they are either part of THT or they are an adult


I have found some "kids or teens"


Here is one I found



To name 1 @liza this is weird help


I changed the title, there was a minor typo. Users shouldn't have their faces as their avatar, either. It's not safe!


Well, they are adults, and they work at Hopcotch, so they are already in videos. For the others, it's not wise to have yourself as your profile picture, but I guess it's their choice. I would still recommend not doing it. :wink:


I know is it the FQU or whatever, I'll go chek


This is a private email box therefore it is legal to have your pictures
Here your out of hopscotch and in the public
In hopscotch app its illegal to have pic and your voice


Wo Wo wo @Funky_63_Greenland is fine if it's legal!


Sure but I deleted it but think of it this way in critic areas you can smoke but should not(sorry if this is disturbing, mean, or else)


I meen what are the Chances that someone will track him down!