Help with AI code


Hi there! Some of you may know, that I am working on a game called Clask, based after the real game Klask. The physics need some help, which I am working on, but, the next version is going to have an AI opponent. You will try to score on there goal and they will defend it. They will also be able to score on your goal. I have no idea how to do AI code. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I would tag @GameCodingCrazy123 I think they have made something like that


Ok. Thanks. You just tagged them so…


He has?


Not really but I could try helping!


Thanks! I’ll need all the help I can get…


What do you want the al to do


Be an AI opponent.


Thought it was AI for Artificial Intelligence, not AL for artificial… Lsomething


@swca how did you code the AI slime in slime dodge?


Like what type of AI ? AI that follows you?


With x pos and y pos


Official rules:

The AI will be the opponent.


… ? confused :confused:


I think you posted this on the wrong topic. You may want to move it. @Stylishpoopemoji33


What should I post it on instead?


hey cool! Neat idea, does need some work tho. I’d be happy to help, but unfortunately games aren’t my specialty. I can try tho, but when you get to the designing part of the game definitely tag me—that’s what I’m good at


Sorry. I forgot that you made this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok! Here is my newest Clask version. Any feedback?


The ball got stuck on the edge and I couldn’t get it out.
Also, the AI is really cool and smooth in moving! It beat me 2 to 1. I have lost hope in humanity.