Help with a special game


Hi guys! I need help with a very important game for my dad and I am having trouble with one part. Where my character has to cross a street. If he gets hit by a car he loses a life but no more than 3 lives. How do I code 3 lives?


Here you use values.
When project is started
Set value crash=3
When car bumps Character
Change value crash by -1
When 7=7
Check once if crash=0
Set invisibility=100



It isn't not working!:grimacing: Would you like me to send you a link of the game?
I know about links because of my sis @silverstream


Of course! (20 character)


Do this:
- Create a new object (text) and call it anything. I'd prefer Health or something like that.
- Then create a new When Play Button Is Tapped rule for Health and pull out the Set Value block.
- Then create a new value in Health and call it Health or anything.
- After that, take out a Set Value block, and set the value Health to 3.
- Now on your character, create a new rule When -- Is Touching --
- In the first space, put your character, in the second one, put the car, or any object that is colliding with your character.
- Then, add in a Set Value block, and put Health in the first space, in the second, put -1.
- You can also use Increase Value by -1 if Set Value doesn't work.
I hoped this helped! Just tell me if I missed anything, and I will get back to you. :slightly_smiling:


Here is the link


sorry @Grabos I can't get to the link because I'm on the computer I know you can see me but....
ask @Hoppertoscotch if she/he can get to the link or if it is blank. to ask her/him just press their name.


Ok I will @silverstream


heres the link


@silverstream what do you need exactly?


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from grabos


Yeah, I just deleted the project.


We did that and it will only lose one life and then never do it again. So now we're stuck at 2 lives and it won't go down any further. The Increase Value by -1 block is inside a Repeat Forever block.

Any help?


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