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Any ideas on how to make This less laggy? Some screenshots:


It's not laggy for me! Is it just your IPad/IPhone? Is it old?


I think it's just your device!

It's not laggy at all!


Yeah! I have made a game called RAINYDAY and is very laggy because it uses the Clone block. It works without lag when I open the web version, though!


Your game has virtually no lag or bugs! It's a good game.


Ok. Thanks. It's probably me then. Every time the ball goes through the opening is slows down. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


It's not laggy at all! I think it might be your device.


Wow! Great game. I couldn't stop playing it. :joy:

It's not very laggy on my device, but you could replace the "Repeat Forever" blocks to a "When 7 = 7" rule, but only if the Reapeat Forever is in a "When Game Starts" rule.

For example, you could change:

When Game Starts
Repeat Forever
Set Position: x (Last Touch X) y (Circle Y Position)


When 7 = 7
Set Position: x (Last Touch X) y (Circle Y Position


I agree with @Intellection74! That's an awesome game and not laggy for me!


I experience no lag when I play the game! It's a really awesome game! :D