Help with a project idea


I want to make a game (I won't say what) but i don't know how to do a part. I want it to remember the landscape, something like Minecraft or terraria. If anyone can help it would be amazing


I'm searching to see if i have a draft still left.
If i do i can place a link to help




I don't use touches or bumps so the blocks are destroyed quicker.
Drag the hammer over a block to destroy it.

What will really cause you lag is using touches or bumps for the players character when walking on blocks.
This is what causes all 2D minecraft type games on Hopscotch to lag badly.


I meant like if you break a block you can move, it goes out of screen then go back and it is still gone


There's no save feature on the Hopscotch app.
So a project will restart when you leave it.


I'm talking about something like when you move in minecraft


You mean scrolling where your character is in the screen middle and the level moves around the player.

I can tell you how. If i type here there's allot to read.
Are you ready for that?




Don't use "change x/y"
this will cause lag.

make values "X" "Y"
Place a square on the screen.

Repeat forever,set squares x pos to squares x pos + 'X" squares y pos + squares y pos + "Y"
When right arrow pressed, Increase value "X" by -1
When left arrow pressed, Increase value "X" by 1

Thats for scrolling left/right

When up arrow pressed, Increase value "Y" by -1
When down arrow pressed, increase value "Y" by 1

Thats for up/down scrolling.


I can help. Well, ill try to help :3


So lets say there is a tree that you break would it remember?


You can make the tree invisible when an axe bumps it.
for example.

Just like the code for the hammer in the project i linked.


Thanks this was soooooo helpful!


Would you like to be in a collab I intend on making? Its for dont starve


Thanks for asking, but I can't.
I'm busy with my own projects.