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Hi everyone! I'm Czarcasm and I just started Hopscotch. I am working on a game called Blob Bounce. I am almost done with it, but I have a few problems that I can't seem to solve. This game is like Brick Breaker. In Brick Breaker the ball bounces on the edge a lot. It also bounces off the corners. In the game I am working on, the ball sometimes gets stuck in the corner. Can someone please tell me how to get it out of the corner when this happens? Thank you!
-Czarcasm :slight_smile:


Welcome, @Czarcasm! Nice to meet you. :smiley:

I'll check out your game and see what I can find.


Oh, wait, it's not published. XD

Can you publish it, or can I see code screenshots? :)


Can you give a link? I'll look through it and try to help!
Or give screenshots? Do that by pressing the home button and power button!
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Thanks! The thing is, I haven't published it yet. If you would like, I can send you pictures of the code, or can publish it in it's unfinished form. Just tell me whatever is easiest.


Okay. Can you publish it? Thanks!


Here is the link: Blob Bounce
Thank you guys so much! You are so helpful!


Thank you! I posted the link to the project for you.
Thanks (again)!


I caught what's wrong in your code! :sweat_smile:

When you're telling it to repeat forever, and move 25, it'll keep going until it hits the platform, correct?

Well, it keeps getting stuck because you told it to keep going 25.
The platform cannot reach the upper corner to make it change direction, so it's stuck there. The ball cannot move more than the length of the iPad.


Thank you! But the problem is, I told it to flip when it hits the edge and turn. The ball isn't moving anywhere when it hits the corners. This only happens sometimes though, so I really don't kno if it's just a glitch, or a problem on my part.


Wait a second, let me help you.
I think I know how to fix it.
I'll remix on my second account when it's done being fixed, okay? :slight_smile:
Could you give me credit if it works?


Woah! That game is so cool! I really like the letter animations on the home page. :smiley:

Change your "When Circle bumps Edge" rule to:
Turn degrees: 140
Move Forward: 25

That will make it bounce of of the edges. Or you could try @Snoopy's code.


Thank you so much! Sure I'll give credit. Your the best!


It'll take a while, I'll probably reply with a bug fix in a few hours.
And, no problem! :slight_smile:


Thank you so (times a million) much! You are so helpful!


Thanks! That's great.


@Czarcasm fixed it! Here's the link-
If you want me to explain how I fixed it, just tag me!
In the project, give credit to Snoopy (:art:)!
Snoopy(:art:) - Two! is my second account for remixes! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Hopscotch and the forum!


Thank you so much @Snoopy!


Belated welcome @Czarcasm! Cool name! I'm Komplettverrücktjunge but call me KVJ! Tag me anytime like "@KVJ"!