Help with a endor forest backround


Hi, I'm making an endor speeder game, and I'm having trouble with the background. Forest backgrounds are tricky. Any ideas? Here is my horrible start:

Also, can anyone find me a YouTube clip from that scene where Luke and Leia are on the scout trooper speeders? Thx in advance!




Maybe just make the canopy solid, no gaps?


Wow this is awesome! I love it! I don't know what you could do to change or add to it, it looks really cool!


I was just going to say what @Madi_Hopscotch_ said!

Trust me. I've tried making forest backgrounds. And failed massively. YOUR LOOKS AMAZING!


Hmm... I suggest a sort of fixed background... use rectangles?



It seems great to me!


Small update.

Is the helmet recognizable?




For me it's awsome
But I can't code, so eh...


Woah, that's really cool!
I love the colors!

Maybe you could draw the trees in rows rather than randomly; like, you do set pos x 0 y whatever, with darker colors, go across drawing trees, randomly skipping gaps, then start at a lower y at x at 0, with lighter colors?
That way it doesn't look like the trees are growing on top of other trees as much.
If you need elaboration on my shaky explanation of my suggestion above, please ask! :D
I'm not very good at explaining. XD

But seriously, this is looking awesome so far! :D
Great idea!


There is a game in game changers that has a forest background, maybe you could look at that


Looks cool! @thegreenbanana


Wow, that looks awesome! Try making the canopy with no gaps, though. Other than that, it needs no improvement!


@Caramel_Puffin that really helped! Thank you!


No problem! I'm glad I could help! :D

That is going to be an awesome game when you're done with it, based on the background!
It'll be a real treet!
^I couldn't help myself. XD


It looks awesome so far!
Maybe you could lower the saturation on the tree trunks?

#18 Here's the link. Now I'm procrastinating on the obstacles and how the game will work. :expressionless:


It's awesome!
Try to shoot enemies to get points, and don't shoot Ewoks, because you will loose points?


I have an idea:

First, make the tree logs grow first. You can then add the leaves in later. Make there be about 50 trees filling the entire screen! Then, make there be about 200-400 or more leaves! This should cover everything up. :slight_smile: