Help us test the *new* iPhone app!



I'll try it out


Great app, but a time glitch. The time is set to something around christmas for me. Is this happening to someone else? Or is it my time zone? Or my iPhone? Or ios?
But even with the bugs, it´s SUPER AWESOME! Hopscotch for phone. Wow.
For the Hopscotch team (info about my device):
Time zone: GMT +1 (Stockholm), Iphone: Iphone 5 Ios: Latest


Nope, this is the same for me too. I'm not on latest iOS update, but I have an iPhone 5s


go to settings>>general>device management> trust iPhone distribution: Hopscotch Technologies. That's how I download paid apps for free

Flag me ahead



When I log into my account it shows old drafts and there arent the same drafts that I have on the IPad, otherwise I have't found anything rlse yet!


Why is that square there?


woah @Liza looks so good!!!!!