Help us test the *new* iPhone app!



It is white :laughing:

Silver or gold?
Stick88: White...
Yes, but that's just the screen thingy, look at the circle. Silver or gold?
Stick88: Silver


Umm what does this mean?:confounded:


Finally! HS on my iPhone!


Trending doesn't work in the beta community.

@Stick88: great pictures of the bug! it seemed like you got stuck when you had a bunch of objects. Is that accurate? Can you try to get stuck like this again by adding a ton of objects and seeing if you get to a place where you can't add more?

Thanks! And thanks @Intellection74 and @PopTart0219 for the follow up questions! :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


The community hasn't been updated since January, correct?


Not really, it happens with a lot of objects or none at all!


If you cannot find profiles after general, go to device management, then, hopscotch technologies, then trust. It's what I did. Also, it works on iPad, too.


Also, try getting it on your iPad, it works, and allows you to see it closely to test bugs and such, plus, you can test even without an iPhone or iPod.
PS. I found this bug...

The editor dissappeared after I tried to select text for HSB. I tried a bit, I cannot seem to get it back; but restarting the app should do the trick. Usually, you just tap something, but it didn't work.


Here are a few more bugs...

  1. Published projects thumbnail images are squished or stretched...

  2. The keyboard sometimes stays after exiting the editor...

  3. Some features cannot be done, like HSB.

  4. Characters sometimes get deleted while trying to open its code.

  5. It lags in certain circumstances.

PS. Even with all the bugs, it's AWESOME to finally have an iPhone version coming!


I can't go into my account at all. I checked a million times and it won't let me in....


Little Idea From @Redo122 NO.1:

maby you could put the iphone edittor into the ipad editor if you rotate the screen to be portrte and seccond you could put the ipad editor into the iphone version if you rotate the phone to be lanscape.


My project is on there! :grinning:


What generation iPod/iPhone are you using? Some of these bugs aren't happening to me...


Why does this happen? I want to test the app but this keeps popping up... Help!


I saw that as well and forgot to tell!


Do this!


The stretched/squished thumbnails are because you are using an iPad, not an iPhone/iPod. The resoulution isn't compatible. @IShallNotBeNamed




No probelm! I forgot who told ME how to do it!


once i'm back from my vacation(aloha from hawaii :yum:) i'll try